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Careers in Ayurveda
  The science of Ayurveda deals with the study of health care using natural herbs as medicine...
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Careers as a Mental Health Counsellor
  Stress management, addictions, family problems, problems with self-esteem, marital problems, marital problems, aging problems, substance abuse, parenting issues, suicidal ideation, and the list of emotional and mental health related issues is endless...
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Careers in Dermatology
  Dermatology is the study of physiology and pathology of the skin, hair, and nails that may include diagnosing and treating fungal infection, acne, skin cancer, birth-marks, eczema, etc...
Careers in Sports Psychology
  According to American Psychological Association, sports psychology covers a wide range of topics, including psychological considerations in sport injury and rehabilitation...
Careers in Surgery
  Field of Surgery is a highly competitive area of practice in medicine that can be highly rewarding if you plan your career accordingly. This involves identifying your interests...
Careers in Nursing
  Increased need for health care and intensified population of the elderly has heightened the demand for nursing personnel in India as well abroad. This scenario has...
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Careers in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  When we find people improving upon their communication skills for better opportunities in various spheres of life, we may be oblivion to the fact that there are people – children, adults, and elderly...
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Careers in Health Care Administration
  Only factor marking the difference in the business of healthcare from any other business is the perseverance of health care administrators to deliver quality of services to people in need...
Careers in Neurology
  Amongst multiple specialties in medicine, neurology can provide a highly rewarding and challenging career path for the right individual. A neurologist specializes...
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Careers in Biomedical Engineering
  Biomedical Engineering - engineering with a sensitive touch, is one of the disciplines in engineering that trains you to combine your knowledge of biology and medicine with engineering principles...
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Careers in Oncology
After realising personnel crunch in medical oncology department at national level, Indian medical scenario call for more trained oncologists to deal with the increasing cancer load of more than 15 lakhs patients...
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Dark horses of the medical world - Pharmacists
In spite of the indispensable role played by pharmacists, they are not as popular as doctors in the health care system. Pharmacists are lesser valued possession of the medical sphere...
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Career as a Physician Assistant
Contrary to the popular perception that job responsibilities of a physician assistant (PA) are similar to that of the medical assistant, PA works under the supervision of a physician. PA is professionally trained to...
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Veterinary Science for Animal Welfare and Well-being
As per the definition, Veterinary Science is a comprehensive science that deals in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases in wildlife, domesticated, exotic, and animals. There is more to a profession...
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Careers in Dentistry
Dentistry is one of the few professions in the health care system whose services are desired by the ill and healthy beings alike. This is one reason why it is called a lucrative profession as generally also, people refer to..
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Careers in Medicine
Medicine is one of the most popular and sought after fields chosen by those who have been fascinated by the concepts of science and the functioning of human beings. To add to it, health care system has become..
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