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Careers as an Advocate General

  Judge Advocate General (JAG) serves in the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy as they provide legal advice to soldiers and work with international contracts...
Careers as a Notary, Oath Commissioner
  A Notary or an Oath Commissioner is a legal professional who serves the public by dealing in non-contentious matters related to powers-of-attorney, estates, deeds, and foreign and international business. Notary’s primary functions include oaths administration and affirmation, taking affidavits and acknowledgement of deeds, statutory declarations, and certain classes of documents’ authentication...
Careers as a Legal Advisor
  Among various options to pursue your interests in the field of law is the job of a legal advisor. In collaboration with the legal services department, legal advisor works on the matters related to corporate governance, commercial contracts, dispute resolution, government funding agreements...
Careers as a Magistrate
  Magistrates and Sub-Magistrates (Munsifs) are usually state-level judicial workers who apply law aspects in criminal and civil cases, respectively. They have limited...
Careers as a Public Prosecutor
  Do you have the zeal to shield innocent victims and protect the wrongfully accused in the court of law? Do you realize the tremendous power and adjoining responsibility...
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Careers as a Solicitor
  Competitive, challenging, vivid, laborious, nerve-wracking and last, but not the least highly rewarding are a few adjectives that define the career of a solicitor...
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Careers in Patent Law
  If you are looking forward to pursue your career in law but gain specialization in Science, IT, Pharmacy, or Mechanics, you can be a successful patent attorney. A patent is a legal grant given by any government to an inventor or a corporation for a new product development or research undertaken.  Patent attorneys secure effective protection of his or her client/employer’s innovations...
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Careers in Law
Law as a profession is the one, which attracts those people who dare to take up new challenges everyday and make their clients have a cakewalk while they ensure that everything is done...
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