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Engineering & Sciences
Careers in Architectural Engineering
  The science of architecture involves designing and planning the structure of buildings, including the spaces between them. Architects’ work is well-complemented..
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Careers in Engineering Management
  Engineering management deals with the functional management of technical professionals who are work-driven with non-entrepreneurial...
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Careers in Petroleum Engineering
  Petroleum Engineering is a sub-discipline of engineering that applies the principles of Geology, Physics, and Engineering for the recovery, development, and processing of petroleum ...
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Careers in Textile Engineering
  With the growing influence of science and technology over diverse fields, such as IT, medical, and agriculture; textile industry has also witnessed revolutionary changes owing to the opportunities...
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Careers in Nanotechnology
  In its nascent stage of development in India, Nanoscience and technology has been acknowledged with the power of ushering new industrial revolution in the country. Nanotechnology, defined as a study of the matter...
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Careers in Audio Engineering
  If you have an ear for music and technical aptitude to operate electronic and mechanical devices, you can consider a career in audio engineering. Audio engineering is a branch of audio science that involves using machinery and equipment to record, synchronize, manipulate, and mix sound and sound effects...
Careers in Environmental Engineering
  Today, the most pressing issues related to the unpredictability about our environment are global warming, water pollution, air pollution, water ...
Careers in Winemaking and Viticulture
Winemaking is an interesting career option for the Science students who wish to globetrot while gaining hands-on work experience in different parts of the world. By definition, winemaking involves production...
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Careers in Manufacturing Engineering
  As an individual, we always strive to move on the next level for better standard of living. This phenomena forms the pace for manufacturing engineers to strive for producing ...
Careers in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  Understanding materials’ behaviour and learning about their utilization and improvement for the development of new products constitutes Metallurgical ...
Careers as a Scientist
  Quest for knowledge, facts, and human survival & welfare using scientific methods and principles defines basic role of a scientist in his/her work life. Scientists work and think in a methodical...
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Careers in Technology Management
  Industrial revolution is a result of rapidly advancing technology that has greatly evolved all industries from entertainment and transportation to health care...
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Careers in Engineering Technology
  One defining line that distinguishes an engineering technologist from an engineer is the ability of the engineering technologist to fuel life into the design developed...
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Careers in Telecommunication Engineering
  In this age of digital communications technology, there is a great demand for telecommunications engineers to work for optical network systems, next generation network systems...
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Careers in Agricultural Engineering
  Do you have a scientific bent of mind? Are you interested in biological science? Would you like to work for social problems related to agriculture? If yes, you should...
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