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Careers in Money Management
  If analysing market trends and interpreting what goes on behind rising and falling stock prices interest you, then money management may be the right career choice for you...
Careers in Retail Management
  With the explosive growth in retail industry and emergence of shopping malls in every new city, there is no dearth of employment opportunities in retail...
Careers in Forensic Accounting
  If you are looking forward to an exciting, challenging, and financially rewarding career, consider becoming a forensic accounting professional. As a forensic accountant...
Careers in Internet Marketing
  The Internet has given new dimensions to the sales and marketing for any organization seeking its customers...
Careers in Public Accounting
  If you enjoy working with numbers and have an eye for details, a career in public accounting might be the right choice for you. Once you are a certified professional in public ...
Careers in Project Management
  Unlike the days when project managers were supposed to lead a team and have knowledge about a given functional area only, organizations now seek management personnel...
Careers in Entrepreneurship
  The idea of being one’s own boss may be exciting and accelerates you to be an entrepreneur but it is not for everyone. Entrepreneurship is a quality that is mandatory ..
Careers in Sports Management
  Career in sports leads to two primary options, one is becoming a sportsperson while the other is a career in sports management. Both require same degree ..
Careers in Financial Planning
  Money management is a risky affair and managing other people’s hard earned money is all the more critical and is a heavy-duty job. Nonetheless, financial planning is one of the flourishing financial..
Careers in Investment Banking
  Investment banking is a form of banking that finances capital requirements of governments and corporations. Its various functions ...
Careers in Public Relations
  Any individual, entity, or organization’s reputation, profitability, and continual existence rely heavily upon their status quo with its target audience or public. Public Relations specialists come into picture..
Careers in Corporate Finance
  Corporate finance comprises of commercial and investment banking, accounting, financial services, insurance, investment management, venture capital, and corporate...
Careers in Advertising
  If it is anyone’s business to influence our decision-making process, it is advertising’s. It has the potential to impact our choices from the food we eat and clothes we wear to the...
Career as a Chartered Accountant
  Chartered Accountancy is one of the most sought after professions in the field of finance and boasts about an illustrious reputation with the trust and confidence reposed by the government ...
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Careers in Economics
  With the world economy growing rapidly, the scope of research and enquiry for an economist is vast. Welfare, trade, and growth are major areas of enquiry for the economists with international trade...
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Careers in Equity Analyst
  Equity analyst plays a key role in research and analysis for many brokerage and analyst firms involved in the equity and security investment markets. Radical reformations and stricter surveillance...
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Careers in Actuarial Science
Continued growth in Indian insurance industry promises great employment opportunities for the students of actuarial science in the industry. Actuarial Science is the discipline that applies mathematical...
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Careers in IT Consulting
  Hefty pay, influential persona, world exposure, and working with the breadth of people and cultures – if these are the attributes you admire and wish to possess, a career in general management...
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