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Careers in Photography
Photography is an art of clicking pictures that defines aesthetic sense of the photographer who brings the life in a moment clicked. With the revolution in creative media industries, photography has become an integral component of communication. Professional photographers work for a wide range of creative, technical, and documentary purposes, such as portrait, fashion, beauty, art & architecture, photo journalism, corporate, scientific, medical, advertising and editorial, and forensic photography.
Photography involves selecting locations or creating a set for shoots; setting-up lights, aperture, and shutter speed; choosing right camera, lenses, pixel density, and accessories; and picture composition. These professional photographers work on a brief given to them by their client or employer. The photographer may be given the good space for creativity and independence to conduct the shoot and interpret the client’s ideas.
More than a professional degree, it is your own talent that can take you at a much higher position in photography. Besides various diploma and certificate courses in the field, you can also choose Photography as an optional subject for a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. There are institutes that offer three-year Bachelor’s degree courses in photography as well.
Typically photographers run their own studios and assume the risks for running a small business. Financial rewards depend on their expertise in their area of specialization and reputation in the market. Assistant photography may give you an easy entry into the field as you assist some high-profile photographer. You may also secure a job as staff photographer in public organization and big companies.
You need to possess a high level of determination and patience to persist in the field of photography. You may find yourself working long hours without any halt or you may be sitting idle for days, weeks, or months without any work. But nevertheless, it is an immensely satisfying occupation that offers great challenges and is rarely a routine job. Those who have a passion for photography must have good eyesight, aptitude for technical details, and good managerial and interpersonal skills. You should be ambitious and self-confident.
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