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Careers in Industrial Design
‘Innovation’ is the keyword for professionals in industrial designing. Adding value to the goods produced in varied industries using the utilitarian approach while designing them is the prime focus of industrial designers. Thus, industrial design can be defined as a profession that determines the shape of a manufactured product to fit the needs of the people who use it and the industrial unit that produces it. This product can be furniture, transportation facility, farm equipment, medical instrument, human computer interface, recreational support equipment, or electronic appliance.
Art is an imprint of your imagination and the masterpieces have a sense of reality to it. Art Direction also attempts to evoke reality into the being with the convincing set-designing to help audience engage and empathize while the story is being narrated.
You need to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Industrial design to enter the profession. The course components include Basic Industrial Design Studio I & II, Graphic and Industrial Design Fundamentals, Computer Imaging in the Design Process, Intermediate Industrial Design Studio Series, Professional Practice in Industrial Design, Advanced Industrial Design Studio Series, Human Centered Design, Contemporary Manufacturing Processes I & II, Ideation I & II, and Advanced Digital Design Processes.
Students willing to do post graduation in Industrial Design should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design or Architectural Engineering.
As part of the work profile, industrial designers explore a wide range of alternatives through drawings and models; revise their concepts and designs as per the client’s feedback; and refine them as they test them against the user needs and manufacturer’s capabilities. You should be well-versed with the knowledge related to engineering principles, industrial material & processes, and ergonomics; social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology; and media arts, such as print media, electronic media, and photography.
As an industrial designer, you would get varied titles in various industries, such as Industrial Designer – Design Firm, Product Designer - Automotive Industry, Product Developer – Consumer Products Industry, Exhibit Designer – Museum, Multimedia Designer – Entertainment Industry, and Interface Designer /Developer – Software Industry. Endowed with technical expertise, industrial designers are creative individuals who have the ability to develop or add new feature to the ordinary looking gadgets and comprehend the client’s point of view for an attractive and useful product.
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