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Arts, Graphics, & Multimedia
Careers in Advertising Design
  A streak of creativity, use of psychology, and knowledge of marketing – could help you qualify to be an advertising design professional...
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Careers in Video Production
  In the entertainment industry, video production offers diverse career options and each of them focuses on different skill sets that are acquired...
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Careers in Design
  Designers’ creativity is sought in almost every industry, be it textiles, print publishing, packaging...
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Careers in Animation
  Infusing life into the inanimate objects and characters defines the magic of animation. Technically speaking, linking the series of drawings and simulating...
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Careers in Arts Management
  Arts Management is a combination of apparently two discerned areas or disciplines-arts and business. Arts Management is concerned...
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Careers in Fashion Marketing
  Influencing sense of style, entrepreneurship skills, and general knowledge of industry trends as well as the needs of customers or targeted market...
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Careers in Audio Production
  If you are crazy for music and often fascinate about what goes behind the scenes, you may find your niche in audio production. Audio Production covers a wide range of fields, such as room acoustics...
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Careers in Industrial Design
  ‘Innovation’ is the keyword for professionals in industrial designing. Adding value to the goods produced in varied industries using the utilitarian approach while designing ...
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Careers in Films and Television
  Working in films and television is every aspirant’s dream who want to make it big in this entertainment industry. But turning such dreams into reality has not been a cakewalk even for those who enjoy...
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Careers in Interior Design
  Do you have an interest in physical spaces? Do you always intend to design or redesign your home surroundings? Do you see yourself designing some professional spaces or your favourite...
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Careers in Fashion Merchandizing
  Fashion merchandizing is an exciting career option in the world of fashion. In an apparel company, ‘fashion merchandisers’monitor and examine market trends...
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Careers in Photography
  Photography is an art of clicking pictures that defines aesthetic sense of the photographer who brings the life in a moment clicked. With the revolution in creative media industries, photography...
Careers in Media Arts
  Media Arts is one of the youngest branches of study in the field of arts as it involves creation of artworks with new media technologies. These new media technologies...
Careers in Multimedia
  Multimedia, as the name suggests, is an application of multiple media, such as audio, video, pictures, text, graphics, and animation to develop ...
Careers in Fashion
  Fashion is something that everyone abides by, even if any person follows a particular trend nonchalantly. The word ‘fashion’ has grown as such a general word that it can be applied...
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Careers in Graphic Designing
  Graphic Design is a very exciting career avenue if you have a passion for drawing as the career rewards you for your scribbles and doodles you’d make during class. Graphic Design is an art of combining...
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Capturing audience’s senses…… this is what Art Direction is all about
Art is an imprint of your imagination and the masterpieces have a sense of reality to it. Art Direction also attempts to evoke reality into the being with the convincing set-designing to help audience engage and...
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