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Careers in Advertising Design
A streak of creativity, use of psychology, and knowledge of marketing – could help you qualify to be an advertising design professional. Advertising designers create logos and graphics, design Web sites or blogs, and help with the shooting and editing of film or video for the clients. Your work profile may include designing product packaging, business cards, or company brochures.
Some advertising firms hire outside companies to design advertising campaigns for their clients while other firms recruit in-house advertising design professionals who serve these functions for them. There are still others who work as freelancers and thus, need to have proper understanding of marketing and business to be successful.
Typically, there are three positions given to the advertising designers: Graphic designers who work on layouts and design in various mediums; art directors who oversee their staff and contract graphic designers; and creative directors manage all the aspects of their creative department, including ad copy for print media, sound elements for audio or video ad campaigns as well as assures quality check for the projects undertaken.
Educational background in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and professional qualification in graphic design, illustration, or film and video production is required to be an advertising professional. You should develop a portfolio of your design work that you worked upon in your art institute or previous workplace to let your work speak for itself.
You need to have good communication skills to understand the client and their target audience, and competitive attitude to have an edge over your competition. Choose your niche in print design, digital and interactive design, and video or broadcast design as well as can pursue career using your skills in more than one medium.
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